Agile Culture

In order to meet the challenges brought on by uncertainty and complexity, companies need to change, and agility becomes a must to adjust effectively.


Enable everyone to develop new skills in order to adapt, innovate and interact
Facilitate or accompany complex transformations
Integrate an agile culture and agility tools
Innovate thanks to agile methods
Agility is above all a mindset. We help your teams favor direct interaction, welcome change and practice “test & learn” in their day-to-day operations.
Our approach decidedly mixes experiential learning, a systemic vision of projects and tools for visual facilitation.

Our clients like

Adopting agility reflexes in day-to-day operations

Catalyzing their teams’ agility

Empowering their people

Developing coaching skills in-house

Case studies

Orange has been purposely involved in agile transformation for several years.

We co-designed and deployed a program aimed at empowering their people.
Several hundred managers across seven countries have been trained in French or English to institute the agile mindset, behavior and actions. These favor their teams’ taking initiative and being accountable.

For the second phase, we created experiential learning program to help managers embody a culture of agility and build agile teams.

As a result of the managers’ enthusiasm for this training we developed, during the lockdown, a completely remote version that remains faithful to the strengths of the experiential version and assists managers in improving their soft skills.

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