Collective Intelligence

Wealth abounds when working collectively!
Collective intelligence is essential to a culture open to transformation. It brings together the talents of each team member and accelerates projects’ success.


Acquire the keys to better working together by making good use of each member’s talent
Experiment the power of collective intelligence of cross-functional teams
Develop creative intelligence and innovate in day-to-day operations
Enable agile transformations
Surprise and involve teams using visual and edutaining approaches
With Innovation Games and custom-designed tools that are easy to use, situations based on your realities in the field…! Dodeca helps your teams adopt a systemic vision where each person’s added value contributes to collaborative dynamics and confirms the power of working collectively.

Our clients like

Integrating collective intelligence in their daily management

Taking ownership of a method adapted to their specific professional environment

Inventing new ways of functioning as a team

Involving their teams in the transformations

Case studies

The managers at bioMérieux must remotely stimulate involvement and innovation within their teams spread out over several countries.

To help them, we designed and deployed workshops in French and English that reinforced the use of collective intelligence in all the functions.

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