Crossing cultures

Globalization, the digital divide, Generation Z, new technologies…! Codes and customs are changing, as is “working together”.


Change your mindset and better grasp cultural diversities: countries, generations, functions…
Set up a common referential framework that strengthens inter-team cooperation
Ensure consistency with different company cultures following a merger
Make diversity a company asset
Organize multicultural teambuilding sessions, onboard a foreign team
In order to easily interact and create operating synergies, we help you “see” your own cultural baggage, your team’s and that of your various functions.
Our cross-culture experts train your people in cross functional positions to adapt the way they see and do things, and to build a positive relationship framework, which reduces tension and facilitates interaction.

Our clients like

Deciphering specific cultural codes and ways of communicating

Making diversity a competitive edge

Defusing possible misunderstanding and tension

Creating cross-cultural team spirit

Functioning transversely in an ever-changing environment

Case studies

In order to maximize the success of major R&D projects bringing together players from various European countries and the USA, SANOFI set up an ambitious coaching program.

We designed and deployed the first brick internationally. Experiential learning activities and support in methodology helped everyone grasp the complexity and stakes of this new cross functional way of working. Thanks to tools and soft skills, acquired during the 3-day program, several hundreds of experts are now able to fully play their role within the “projects” community and in a context of scientific and operational excellence.

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