Dynamic and creative facilitation of work groups, workshops, seminars, meetings… creates the synergy that harnesses the necessary talents to reach your objective in-person or remotely.


Envision an effective company strategy
Bring about innovative solutions
Improve how your teams work together relationship-wise and strengthen team cohesion
Ensure everyone’s commitment to the implementation of an action plan
Enable all those involved to fully contribute to the decision-making process
Think outside the box!
Conception, facilitation, debriefing report… Our specialists in group dynamics deploy specific resources both in-person and remotely.

Our clients like

World Cafés or Open Forums… up to 250 contributors!

Collaborative workshops using collective intelligence, with Klaxoon®

Innovation seminars with a live sketch artist

Training for effective meeting facilitation

Working groups with graphic facilitation

Case studies

During its annual seminar, RDAI, the architecture and design agency, wanted to draw on collective dynamism to accompany growth and transformation.

We co-designed a complete residential training program and brought it to life using edutaining activities, a World Café, creativity workshops… Following two days away, a structured debriefing of the take-aways extended this wonderful bonding experience.

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