Management and Leadership

Remote working, digitization, agile transformation… so many changes that compel managers to reconsider their role, behavior, practices in order to develop talent and improve performance.


Develop managers’ talent and enhance their power to influence
Foster a culture of empowerment to improve collective performance
Increase the leadership of key players in an ever-changing context
Create collaboration dynamics within multicultural teams (international, cross functional and intergenerational) and focused on reaching objectives
We immerse managers in edutaining and outside the box situations, requiring a high level of involvement. Each sequence deals with a specific management dimension. Debriefing is systematically applied in the field: each manager is made aware of their practices and interactions. The managers prepare themselves to grow their teams in their day-to-day operations.

Our clients like

Experimenting ad hoc management that strengthens leadership

Adapting their management: remote and multiple sites

Reinventing manager-team relations in remote working conditions

Experiencing memorable learning situations with the pleasure of moving forward together

Adopting the mindset and behavior of Management 3.0

Case studies

Groupama-PVL was confronted with high-stakes transformation and entrusted us to co-design, with the Board of Directors, a training program aimed at bringing about and instilling a new managerial culture.

This experiential program, regularly adjusted to adapt to company changes, is described by each of the managers as the most impactful moment and decisive stage in their management practices.

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