Project Mode

In a world where flexibility and adaptation are necessary, working in project mode remains a powerful way to reach objectives.


Get organization, project practices and various professional functions to work together
Create distributed project teams
Accompany or facilitate transitioning from product-offering to service-offering
Onboard teams in project mode by sharing culture and practices
Decide, plan and carry out efficiently and effectively
Dodeca assists your teams in consolidating project culture and associated attitudes and behaviors. Whether in person or virtual, our training sessions or workshops enable your teams to develop a mindset that facilitates the integration of your tools and your objectives.

Our clients like

Revisiting project management in a world that is becoming more and more agile

Adopting approaches, methods and tools in order to deal with issues

Strengthening project managers’ leadership and legitimacy

Better communicating to gain buy-in and ensure smoother cooperation

Bringing together and better sharing resources

Case studies

Omron developed a high added-value and broad solutions offer that went well beyond the sale of products.

We initiated a discussion with Omron on the optimized use of project mode when developing commercial proposals. On that basis, we designed an agile program aimed at:
- uniting teams
- reducing conflict over resources
- developing a project culture and the corresponding attitudes and behaviors
The pre-sale and sales teams gained efficiency when meeting customer requests and effectiveness in ensuring successful outcomes.

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