Training Design

Together, lets develop your skills for tomorrow. We co-build dynamic and impactful training programs where each participant is a key player in his own learning whether it be in-person, e-learning or blended.


Create content adapted to remote situations by renewing pedagogical methods and practices
Design or completely revamp pedagogical kits, for a single module or for a series of sessions
Enable tutors and in-house trainers to become autonomous in creating training modules
Foster a learning community
With you or – for you - we design, carry out or revamp your learning processes. We involve various stakeholders from the onset: field experts, managers, operational staff… Conception of training programs uses your in-house tools seamlessly.

Our clients like

Using training programs with the right balance between in person and remote learning

Creating edutaining methodology and content to accompany transformations

Engaging their people by providing experiential learning activities

Benefiting from an efficient process to create their Learning-Lab

Deploying custom-designed pedagogical kits in-house

Case studies

Alliance had the major challenge of training staff for the widely deployed new IFRS standards.

We designed a structured and adaptable E-learning program using Rapid Learning video modules combined with validation quizzes. These specific modules, produced by in-house experts, provide the right competencies to the right people according to their function.

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